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What Do You Think About When You’re Swimming?

Quite a few people ask me this question pretty often. “What on Earth do you think about when you’re swimming for hours on end?” The answer is: it depends! If I’m pool swimming then there’s no boats, waves and such … Continue reading

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Bluurrggghhhh…..I Dot A Bunged Dup Dose!

It’s official. Colds (or Man Flu as I prefer to call it) are rubbish! I was getting into my stride, but sadly succumbed to the nasty bug that’s been doing to rounds. So, swimming has had to take a back … Continue reading

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The peteswims blog is back!

Crikey. The next time I change web hosting accounts, remind me to learn how to back up a blog first! Two years blogging lost. Never mind!! Well, after a few setbacks, I’m hoping this will be the year I swim … Continue reading

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