The peteswims blog is back!

Crikey. The next time I change web hosting accounts, remind me to learn how to back up a blog first!

Two years blogging lost. Never mind!!

Well, after a few setbacks, I’m hoping this will be the year I swim the channel. I’ve paid my deposit to the boat captain, so the next step is passing the medical! Hopefully all traces of glandular fever have gone now, but I guess they’ll test that.

I remember a while back reading (I think) Alison Streeter’s blog¬†(Queen of the Channel) that the best advice for swimming the channel is….

“Train like mad, eat like a pig!”

Excellent. One bit of training I particularly enjoyed over Christmas was eating like a pig! I think I may have overdone it it though – I’ll have to find out what fat percentage is ideal, as I’m about 29% at present.

Current schedule is pool swimming only as getting back up to scratch following my back operation. To be honest, the best thing I’ve ever found for relieving backache is a good swim. Since the operation I’ve had no trouble, so went for it after Christmas.

As ever, I probably overdid it. I did 120 lengths one night, and kept doing more until I was up to 250 lengths. At the time it felt OK, but a week doing it with a cold certainly wasn’t bright and I found myself getting overtired.

So for the time being, I’m going 120 lengths a night. Next week I’ll do 130 lengths a week and so on. Gentle increments, although frustrating, seems to be the way to get up to high numbers consistently, without getting burned out!

About Pete Windridge-France

I'm a Leeds-based 37 yr old, and live with Sarah my other half, and my kids Archie, Jem and Scarlett. Being a fan of swimming and generally doing silly things, I decided to try swim the channel to raise money for Archie's Special Needs School - Penny Field in Leeds. This website shows my progress!
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One Response to The peteswims blog is back!

  1. rob grinter says:

    Good luck, Pete Рespecially on that last two miles or so. Hope weather and currents are in your favour. And that you hit the £8,000.

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