A Good Night’s Work!

Morning All!

I’m in a fab mood today. Last night (thanks to Sarah and Archie’s brilliant carer Anna) I was able to go straight from work to the health club. Virgin Active in Leeds is brilliant. It’s always busy enough for some atmosphere, but not so busy that you can’t swim or get a decent workout.

Since I’ve been going a while now, I get chatting to some of the staff there. Last night the lifegaurd was Matt, who always has a natter before I jump in the water. Matt is a mad keen sportsman, particularly enthusiastic about footy and plays regularly in a local team. Tragically, one of Matt’s team mates died since which he and the team have been making great efforts to raise charitable donations and have a trophy for him.

Matt said that his team now choose different charities to serve each season segment and offered to put forward The Friends of Penny Field as one of the charities they target. How fantastic is that!! Good on you Matt, and good on your team and the great things they are doing.

Meeting folk like that just makes your day. And I can’t help noticing that the more charitable stuff you do, the more often you bump into people like Matt who have a great attitude to life.

Also got chatting to a fella called Jamie Tweddell. He was flying up and down the fast lane at a fair old pace so we were kinda keeping in sync. He’s a runner who’s branching into swimming with a view to entering triathlons. He looked like a triathlete – they always have about 4% body fat!! I on the other hand could only be accused of looking like a channel swimmer – I have a good bit of blubber to keep me warm!!

He was impressed that I was taking on the channel this year – but as I always say – don’t be impressed until I’m standing on French sand with a beach pebble held high in my fist!

Just in case you thought I did nothing but natter last night, I did 224 lengths. Yay! And best of all, I’m not feeling too knackered this morning! Can’t wait for the training in Dover to start in early May. Now THAT will wake me up. Nothing like freezing cold sea water to focus the mind on the task ahead!

About Pete Windridge-France

I'm a Leeds-based 37 yr old, and live with Sarah my other half, and my kids Archie, Jem and Scarlett. Being a fan of swimming and generally doing silly things, I decided to try swim the channel to raise money for Archie's Special Needs School - Penny Field in Leeds. This website shows my progress!
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