Aiming Higher Works!

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Well, last week shot by. Following my discovery that Mark Robson was busy doing 27Km a week compared to my measly 16Km, I raised my game. Last week I managed 1075 lengths in a 25m pool, so that’s 26.75Km. A much better looking total, and thankfully my trusty arms are feeling good rather than sore as a result. On Thursday, I did 250 lengths in one go, which felt great.

My next target is to get to 350 lengths (8500m), which is a quarter of the channel (admittedly easier though, without tides, waves, wind and jellyfish!!). I reckon I’ll take that challenge on Friday.

Speaking of Mark, I’m very much looking forward to my first outing into open water this Wednesday at Ellerton Park. I just hope that I don’t screech too loud when I get in. I’ll try to be dignified and scream silently on the inside. It’ll be great practise for Dover this weekend!

On Wednesday we had the Yorkshire Evening Post over for an interview about my progress and they’ve taken the best photo ever of Archie – he’s laughing his head off and the photographer (Tony) has captured him brilliantly. All being well, it’ll be in the paper sometime this week.

Take care & just keep swimming!

About Pete Windridge-France

I'm a Leeds-based 37 yr old, and live with Sarah my other half, and my kids Archie, Jem and Scarlett. Being a fan of swimming and generally doing silly things, I decided to try swim the channel to raise money for Archie's Special Needs School - Penny Field in Leeds. This website shows my progress!
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One Response to Aiming Higher Works!

  1. Mark says:

    See you tonight Pete
    get consent from the paper to use the pic of Archie so you can put it in the blog
    don’t forget your flask and warm kit
    that said it should be upto about 14c so you will be fine

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