Waiting waiting waiting

Well, the weather in the channel is currently very choppy with 45 mph wind blowing the wrong way!

Needless to say, my pilot (the skipper who navigates the support boat next to me) is not taking me out just yet. The latest estimate is possibly Thursday, but most likely to be Friday or Saturday.

What keeps me going whilst I’m waiting? Well, my mate Chris Keegan is with me at the caravan site keeping me occupied and cheerful. I’m so glad I’m staying at Varne Ridge – it is THE place to stay for Channel Swimmers. David and Evelyn run it so well, and have plenty of experience of keeping people chilled and happy. Bless Evelyn, she raced across the site and gave us some Parmesan cheese when she found out we were having spaghetti bolognese for tea!

Another thing that definitely keeps my mind on track is the fact that I keep on getting updates from http://www.justgiving/com/peteswims. So many people have donated, it’s mind-blowing!

Thanks to everyone who have donated to Archie’s special needs school. It means the world to me and the school.

I just can’t wait to get the go-ahead and justify all these wonderful donations!!



About Pete Windridge-France

I'm a Leeds-based 37 yr old, and live with Sarah my other half, and my kids Archie, Jem and Scarlett. Being a fan of swimming and generally doing silly things, I decided to try swim the channel to raise money for Archie's Special Needs School - Penny Field in Leeds. This website shows my progress!
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One Response to Waiting waiting waiting

  1. mark clarke says:

    hi pete

    mum let me know you made it!! very well done youre a legend!! coming home for christmas see you then.

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