Peter Windridge-France Swims the Channel – I can hardly believe it!

Pete’s Path Across The English Channel

Pete's Path Across The English Channel

Pete’s Path Across The English Channel

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  1. Athena Murphy says:

    Congratulations Pete! Amazing stuff there. Your winding route makes it look like your swim was twice as long as it needed to be. I found you on Nick Kemp’s Provocative Therapy site, and the documentary with him is so compelling. It’s great to hear from both of you how you accomplished such an incredible thing. Congrats on achieving and lifetime goal and doing it for such a great cause.


    • Pete Windridge-France says:

      Thanks very much Athena!

      I’m still buzzing about the whole thing! I’m just grateful that I found Nick and listened and applied what he said – I consider myself very lucky indeed. 2 years hard work paid off. Not many people get the opportunity to swim for a whole day and swim in the ocean to see the sun rise and sun set over the same stretch of water. A life-changing experience!

      You’re right about the winding route! Anyone who swims the channel tends to have a fairly winding route – the tide takes you up to the North Sea or down to the Altantic. The direction of the tides changes direction every 6 hours. You can fight the tide, but most of the time you are best letting it move you sideways as you just keep your arms moving. The really fast swimmers have less bendy routes, but the slow ones like me tend to look like they’ve got lost!! The really tricky bit is at the end, where the tide really doesn’t help you land on the French side (some people can take 6 hours from 1 mile out!!), and you get funny currents as the water gets more shallow.

      Take care & thanks again

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