Hi there!

I’m Pete Windridge-France, aged 37 and originally from Manchester.

I live in Leeds with my wife Sarah, and my 3 kids – Archie, Jem and Scarlett. My eldest lad Archie is 7 years old and has global developmental delay which means that he is mentally about 10 months old, and so can’t walk or talk. However, he is particularly brilliant at smiling, laughing and banging things together repeatedly!!

Archie goes to a special needs school (known as a SILC unit - Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre) in Leeds called Penny Field. The guys and girls at Penny Field are brilliant, but could always use more funds for equipment for the kids (standing & walking frames to get them up and about, or sensory equipment to get those brain synapses firing!!).

I love swimming, but I’m no expert. Despite this, I reckon that raising money for Penny Fields to say thanks for all their good work is the least I can do. I thought swimming the Channel would be easy. Maybe it’s because David Walliams made it look easy! I am now finding about that it isn’t going to be easy.

Follow my journey through pain, back operations, jellyfish and waves until I get to France!

Please look around the site and please leave comments and ask me any questions you want!



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  1. Mark Sheridan says:

    Hi Mate,
    Hope you are well? Just discovered your site which is a real inspiration. How are the rotor cuffs? Have you done any of the exercises I suggested?
    I did Windermere on Saturday and was chuffed to finish in 7hrs 5 mins. It was 14.5 but never once felt cold after all that hard training in Dover and the lake district beforehand. It really was a great day. Will be down in Dover on Saturday but not sure if you’ll be there?
    Take care, keep in touch and hope to see you soon.

    • Pete Windridge-France says:

      Hi Mark

      Sorry – I missed your comment for so long! Massive congratulations for completing Windermere – absolutely brilliant!! Good time too!

      14.5 degress? Sounds a bit chilly to me!

  2. Gerry & Miriam says:

    Good luck Pete … we’re thinking of you!

    Gerry & Miriam

  3. Mark Sheridan says:

    Well done mate on swimming the channel. Terrific achievement and great write up. How often did you feed?

    • Pete Windridge-France says:

      Hiya Mark – thanks! And thanks for your kind contribution to Archie’s school too!
      I fed once an hour for the first three hours and then half hourly after that.
      I stuck to liquid feeds throughout as I thought that I’d have trouble keeping the solids down, and would take too long. A good strategy as it turned out.
      I got the feeding chart from Nick Adams/Freda Streeter – I can forward it on if you need it!

  4. Andrew Joy says:

    Hi Pete,

    congratulations for your brilliant achievement. Very inspiring. Thanks for the video you made afterwards together with Nick Kemp. You both illustrate beautifully how there is far more potential sleeping in us that can be brought to life with the appropriate mental leveraging. It has given me a lot to think about.

    My special needs oldest son, Chris, turned 30 this year. He remains the master teacher in my life and a source of great inspiration when times are tough.

  5. Pete Windridge-France says:

    Hi Andrew!

    What a lovely message! Thanks very much!

    I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Nick Kemp – he’s absolutely brilliant at what he does and is a great guy too. After the initial consultation, he donated all his extra time on other sessions for FREE! And he sent me a great audio CD when I was starting to doubt myself. A cool dude indeed.

    Well done on keeping going yourself! To have had a special needs child for 30 yrs solid and remaining upbeat is brilliant. Well done you – so that’s a fair swap – I’ve inspired you, so now I’ll take a bit of inspiration from you too and make sure I’m as interested in life and positive on Archie’s 30th birthday as you are on Chris’s!

    All the best Andrew and thanks!

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