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I'm a Leeds-based 37 yr old, and live with Sarah my other half, and my kids Archie, Jem and Scarlett. Being a fan of swimming and generally doing silly things, I decided to try swim the channel to raise money for Archie's Special Needs School - Penny Field in Leeds. This website shows my progress!

Ellerton Park: My First Open Water Swim for 12 months!

Yesterday evening I made my way to Ellerton Park to meet up with Mark Robson to do my first open water swim of the year. I’d got there earlier than planned and walked around the grassy banks to take in … Continue reading

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Aiming Higher Works!

Hi there Well, last week shot by. Following my discovery that Mark Robson was busy doing 27Km a week compared to my measly 16Km, I raised my game. Last week I managed 1075 lengths in a 25m pool, so that’s … Continue reading

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A Timely Kick Up The Backside!

Well, I was happy thinking that I’m making reasonable progress in terms of training, but as I’ve mentioned, I don’t really have a frame of reference. Then I came across a brilliant website by a chap called Mark Robson … Continue reading

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Week 16 Target: 700 lengths (10.87 miles)

So a new week and a new target. I reckon 5 trips to Virgin Active and do 140 lengths each time will be the way to go. I have read a training schedule by a great Channel Swimmer Nick Adams, … Continue reading

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Week 15: 610 lengths (9.48 miles)

After a mad week and an equally mad leaving do at work (farewell Alison – have a blast in Oz!) it was back to the pool last night to finish off my target of 620 lengths this week. I keep forgetting that … Continue reading

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A Good Night’s Work!

Morning All! I’m in a fab mood today. Last night (thanks to Sarah and Archie’s brilliant carer Anna) I was able to go straight from work to the health club. Virgin Active in Leeds is brilliant. It’s always busy enough for … Continue reading

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How Do You Train To Swim The Channel?

I’ll be honest – I don’t really know. I’m making this up as I go! I’ve done quite a few swims in Open water Budworth Mere Coldwick Park Albert Dock Bala Coniston Dover (Champion of Champions) But I’ve not done … Continue reading

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What Do You Think About When You’re Swimming?

Quite a few people ask me this question pretty often. “What on Earth do you think about when you’re swimming for hours on end?” The answer is: it depends! If I’m pool swimming then there’s no boats, waves and such … Continue reading

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Bluurrggghhhh…..I Dot A Bunged Dup Dose!

It’s official. Colds (or Man Flu as I prefer to call it) are rubbish! I was getting into my stride, but sadly succumbed to the nasty bug that’s been doing to rounds. So, swimming has had to take a back … Continue reading

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The peteswims blog is back!

Crikey. The next time I change web hosting accounts, remind me to learn how to back up a blog first! Two years blogging lost. Never mind!! Well, after a few setbacks, I’m hoping this will be the year I swim … Continue reading

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